Recap: Vegas Tournament, Day 1

Our boys spent the first half of their spring break doing what any group of thirteen teenaged boys wants to do over the first half spring break: travel to Vegas by van and play in a 2-day volleyball tournament! They started Day 1 with a 3-team pool. Their first match was against Sylmar, whom they defeated in 2 games. Jackson Dewitt had 5 digs and stepped in for 2 assists. Suraj Srinivasan, otherwise known as Wesley Snipes, had a 100 in percentage at the line and picked up a dig. Ben Sheres put away 4 kills for a 429 hitting average, and added 2 blocks. Billy Harrington had 3 blocks. Adam Nussbaum had an ace, did not miss any of his serves, sent over 2 kills, and had 3 digs and 21 assists. Spencer Thoene had 5 kills for a 333 hitting average. Pretty good for his second match back. Bijan Sagart had 6 kills, 3 blocks, and 2 digs. Nick Gustafson hit all of his serves, passed a 2.33 in serve receive, had 2 blocks, 3 digs, and 8 kills and only 2 errors for a 545 hitting average. Not bad for his first match back after spending a few days being impressive at MIT.

Their second opponent was Clovis, who would later go on to win the tournament. The boys again won in two games. Suraj put an ace on the board, had a 90.9 in-percentage, and got 2 digs. Mark Tankersley was also great at the service line; he hit all of his serves. Ben had 3 kills for a 600 hitting average, along with 2 blocks. Adam continued his no service error streak, and joined the block party with 3. He added 23 assists as well. Spencer got an ace, hit a 312 with 8 kills, passed an excellent 2.56, and had 2 digs. Nick did not miss any of his serves, passed a 2.36, and had 3 digs. Offensively, he showed up with a block, 9 kills, and a 500 hitting average. Bijan had 4 aces, sending commentators into a frenzy. It went a little something like this: 

Bijan Sagart from the line!

He hits two in a row!

Ace number three!

And he makes it four! HE IS JUST TOO GOOD! 

Additionally, he had 6 kills and hit 400. 

Their final match of pool play was against Foothill, and was another two-game win. Suraj hit each of his 14 serves, and set up an assist. Jackson passed a solid 2.22, and ran down 5 digs like he didn’t still have an injured hand. Ben stayed consistent with 3 kills. Adam kept his streak intact with no service errors. He had 2 kills, 4 digs, and 23 assists. Spencer had 5 kills and 3 digs. Nick had 3 aces, with this progression...verbatim:

Nick Gustafson!

Nick Gustafson again!


He also passed a 2.30, and was one kill shy of a double double, with 9 of them and 10 digs. Bijan had 4 digs and 6 kills, which he bounced much like AV’s van would later that night, attracting the attention of the other van...and everyone on the strip. 

Their final match would decide their seeding for pool play the next day. The boys decided to change it up from years past by winning so we didn’t have to play until nine o’clock at night and then frantically try to find a restaurant that would accommodate a high school boys' volleyball team at nine o’clock at night. They weren’t quite ready to win too quickly though, and decided to take the match to three, however, they did win the third 15-5, which was pretty cool. Mark had another great serving game with 2 aces and a 93.8 in-percentage on 16 serves. He passed a 2.33. Jackson got 6 digs. Adam had a 93.3 in-percentage. He actually missed a serve, which reassured everyone that he was indeed human and not some kind of perfect serving machine. I mean come on, what boys volleyball player misses that few serves? Anyway, he also had 4 digs and 33 assists. Spencer was another solid server with a 100 in-percentage. He put away 5 kills and picked up 3 digs. Bijan had 5 kills and 6 digs. Nick played an excellent match in all stat areas. He had 2 aces, passed a 2.38, put up 3 blocks, ran down 9 digs, and had 23 kills for a fantastic 562 hitting average. We are proud of the boys for their performance on Day 1 as we worked through new lineups and a new playing environment. You all did a great job!

Thank you to AV and Coach Herman for driving us all to Vegas. Thank you to the parents who cheered us on and made sure our boys were taken care of with water and food. Thank you boys for standing up threateningly after one of the Cimarron players hit Coach Sam with a ball. Thank you also to the boys for providing her with probably the best entertainment Vegas could offer her: all of them trying to hit the high notes of pop throwbacks as we drove down the strip (we hit those). 

Stay tuned for a recap of Day 2!

by Sam Deddeh