Recap: La Jolla Away and Senior Night

The boys concluded their regular season this week, starting with a three-game sweep at La Jolla on Wednesday. Suraj Srinivasan added another ace to his arsenal as he hit all 13 of his serves. Jackson DeWitt also had some aces in his hand, 2 to be exact. He passed a 2.24 and had 8 digs. Billy Harrington had 2 kills and 2 blocks. Chris Nawrocki, aka Mr. 24, finished the match with a block of his own. 

Spencer Thoene inaugurated a new stat for the books. He leads the team in curses broken, which he achieved when he vanquished the Viking vexation, finishing the match uninjured. He also meted some revenge to the gym floor that had so wronged him when he pounded down 5 kills for a 500 hitting average. 

Adam Nussbaum delivered 10 serves with no errors, along with 3 kills, 3 blocks, 6 digs, and 35 assists. Bijan Sagart was another steady server with 2 aces and a 91.7 in-percentage. He contributed 2 blocks, 8 kills, and 8 digs. For Games 1 and 2, Nick Gustafson was Nicky No Errors, and because he eventually had 2 in Game 3, our correspondent decided to utilize German language skills to still give him an alliterative title. For the match, he was Nicki nur zwei Fehler, in English “Nicky only 2 errors.” His 14 kills left him at his usual 400 hitting average. He had another great back row game, passing a 2.47 and picking up 6 digs, and joined Adam, Bijan, and Billy in the Brotherhood With Two Blocks. 

Ben Sheres had 6 kills on a 417 hitting average and put up 4 blocks “like it was Nick,” (Chris Nawrocki, Game 3). To paraphrase Adam, Nick still got kill leader again, so it’s fine. We also have to congratulate Ben for obtaining his esthetician license. He put it into practice when gave La Jolla’s left back a facial with a great swing to power on a nice one set by Adam. 

With La Jolla beaten, the Lancers set their sights on Senior Night, played against Point Loma. Mark manned the back row with 9 digs. Jackson had 2 aces and 3 digs. Chris again ended the match, this time with a kill. Ben had 4 kills with a 333 hitting average, and 3 blocks. Billy had 3 kills for a 500 average. Now that our younger guys have been mentioned, it’s time to single out our seniors. Suraj got yet another ace and had yet another perfect serving game, as well as an assist and 3 digs. Spencer got an ace and 7 kills for a nicely done 333 hitting average. He passed each of his serve receive balls perfectly, and picked up 3 digs. Bijan had an ace, a block, 6 digs, and 7 kills for a 417 hitting average. Adam served up a kill, a block, and no errors at the line. He had 3 digs and 33 assists. Finally, Nick had 2 aces, a block, 6 digs, passed a 2.60, and had excellent attacking numbers with 14 kills and just 2 errors for a 600 hitting average. As a team, our boys put up an incredible 435 average; they hit efficiently like it was their JOB. 

Thank you to everyone who cheered us on this week. Thank you to all the parents who made senior night a success. We greatly appreciate your help in creating a special night for our boys. Thank you to the managers for your service to our team. Thank you to Nick’s dad for the amazing banners that really belong in the Guggenheim. Finally, Coach Sam would like to say thank you so so much to our seniors for your leadership, kindness, humor, and effort, and for being wonderful teammates, players, and people. You will be missed very much next year. 

Our boys’ first playoff match will be on Tuesday, April 30th at 7 against La Costa Canyon. This is our first ever home match since we have been in the Open Division, so come out to the Field House and catch some great volleyball! Because this is a CIF match, tickets will have to be purchased. They are $9 for adults, and $6 for students. We hope to see you there, go Parker! 

by Sam Deddeh